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Longmoor Firing Range

Avon Construction have completed the design and build contract to upgrade the existing military firing range at Longmoor army camp.

As an SSSI site with European Protected Species (Natter Jack Toads and Great Crested Newts), the groundworks part of the contract needed completing by the end of October, under the supervision of our Ecological Clerk of Works.

Main elements of works included the installation of 1000m of ducting and 20nr inspection chambers; installation of 54nr 750mm x 1200mm x 1.5m deep precast concrete firing pits; construction of a 60m long x 2.5m high earth mound (known as a mantlet), on which a reinforced concrete slab was cast. 16nr blockwork compartments with horizontal roller shutter doors were built for the electronic targets. A one storey brick console building with boardwalk access was installed at the back of the firing range.