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Rewley Road Swingbridge

Avon Construction were contracted by Oxford Preservation Trust to undertake the enabling works package as part of the restoration of the Rewley Road Swingbridge, a scheduled monument located within the city centre of Oxford.

The rotating railway swingbridge which dates back to 1850, sits on the north bank of Sheepwash Channel and would be manually operated to rotate over the channel to allow railway carriages to pass through.

The structure ended its operational life in 1977 and when last used the Swingbridge was left partially obstructing the waterway. Avon Construction were tasked with surveying the monument and undertaking the task of rotating the Swingbridge back to its usual resting position on the north bank.

Our schedule of works included, site surveys, lubrication of gears and turning mechanisms, and the rotation of the bridge. The bridge rotation was successfully carried out under a night possession of the adjacent railway line.

Now that the Swingbridge is clear of the waterway, the full restoration phase of works can commence.