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Holes Bay Flood Defence

Contracted by the Borough of Poole Council, Avon Construction were awarded the contract to provide new flood defence structures at Sterte and Creekmoor Channels in Holes Bay, Poole. The aim was to prevent upstream channel flows whilst maintaining downstream flows in dry conditions.

The design and build specification was to construct two flood defence structures within the channels; which had to include the clients preferred choice of non-return valve; but also had to act as a bridge structure to allow easy access for pedestrian and cyclist around Holes Bay.

Working windows in the channel were limited due to tidal opportunities therefore preparation was critical to ensure shift efficiency. Key works activities included the installation of sheet piles within the open channels, mass filled concrete, installation of 1000mm diameter ducting to sleeve the non-return valves, casting of reinforced concrete capping beams and pipe surrounds, Installation of non-return valves, handrail railing and fencing and the construction of new approach paths.