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Hogmoor Inclosure Bat Bunker and Bat Barn

The construction of a 10m x 7m Bat bunker with 2m headroom along with a 5m x 4m oak frame bat barn for bat mitigation with a covered seating area for the public.

The underground bat bunker was constructed of concrete blocks with 450mm thick external walls. One of the external walls is exposed with a window for bat access and air flow. The bunker includes a tower above ground and an access staircase and is divided into two chambers by two internal walls with a roosting gap of 20mm between them. The roof is a block and beam system with geotextile and covered by 150-200mm of topsoil. The floor is covered with 10-20mm layer of sand to help retain humidity levels.

The bat barn, still under construction, will have one face closed with a triple skin brick wall with insulation and a 20mm cavity for roosting. This wall with it’s gable ends is clad with Wany-Edge boards, leaving 20mm gaps in various locations for bat access. The barn has a loft partition created with floor joists with a loft access hatch, insulation and soffit boards providing a space for bats to roost. The roof incorporates timber battens and slate tiles and 12 bat access tiles.

The buildings include several bat boxes, bat bricks, clay hanging tiles and galvanised steel panels, bat access panels and cooling towers.

All timber is either untreated hardwood or softwood treated with products approved by Natural England.