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Beaulieu RAF Water Tower

Avon Construction were awarded the contract for the replacement of a new water tank and refurbishment of the supporting tower by Bournemouth Water.

Scaffolding was erected around the tank and the steel supporting framework to allow safe access. Dismantling of the existing water tank and pipework took place in sections with panels and pipework set aside for re-use or disposal.

The tower was encapsulated to enable the tower structure to be repaired, grit blasted and prepared for paint application.

The new water tank was prepared and painted off site in the manufacturing plant and then transported to site and installed in sections with minor touch up works to fixings and the tank panels carried out on site where necessary.

Various repairs to the tower's structural framework took place, including replacement of corroded steel members. Similarly, existing damaged external pipework and valves were replaced, new thermal insulation was installed and trace heating applied around pipes.